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People Are the Answer is the social entrepreneurship podcast. Tune in as serial entrepreneur and philanthropist Jeffrey M. Zucker chats with innovators in social impact and their journeys to creating transformational change. Along the way, you’ll discover these entrepreneurs’ journeys in philanthropy, business, advocacy, social justice, — and life.

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Latest Episodes

S5E6 (episode 46): Chef Nyesha Arrington on Breaking Barriers With Thoughtful Food

In this episode, Chef Nyesha and Jeffrey discuss Nyesha’s career journey, what it’s like being on TV, how food can bring people together, and much more… People Are the...

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S5E5 (episode 45): Tess Murphy on How Micro-Loans Are Changing the World

In this podcast episode on creating change, Tess and Jeffrey discuss how her years abroad influenced her desire to create change, being a “Kiva Boomerang”, the incredible impact that...

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S5E4 (episode 44): Mason Tvert on Cannabis Being Safer Than Alcohol Led to Legalization

In this episode, Mason and Jeffrey discuss how Mason got into cannabis policy and how legalization impacts so many other policies, the late, great Steve Fox, the stunts they...

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Behind The Mic

Jeffrey M. Zucker

Show Host

Jeffrey M. Zucker was born and raised in Charleston, SC and currently resides in Denver, CO. He graduated from Boston University’s Questrom School of Business. His entrepreneurial endeavors have taken him into real estate, film production, graphic design, cannabis and more.

His business decisions are not only about making a profit, but also—inspired by his late father’s mission of Tikkun Olam (repair of the world), Jeffrey is moved by a goal to improve the lives of others however he can.

Jeffrey is a member of the board of directors at Marijuana Policy Project and is an active drug policy and criminal justice reform advocate.

New Podcast Episodes Weekly

Tune in every Wednesday as we introduce you to a leading innovator in social impact. Our podcast episodes feature key entrepreneurs, social workers, social justice leaders and more. 

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