Episode 5: Kim Napoli on becoming an activist and leader in MA cannabis

In episode 5, Kim and Jeffrey discuss Kim’s journey to becoming an activist attorney, seeing her future husband speak years before meeting, Massachusetts cannabis, and much more…

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Kim Napoli is the director of diversity, equity & inclusion at Vicente Sederberg LLP. As a member of the firm’s new Impact & ESG Practice Group, she is responsible for assisting clients in the creation, implementation, and progress made towards their goals related to diversity, equity and inclusion. She also works to ensure compliance in these areas as they relate to regulations and laws at the state and federal levels, with a focus on plans to positively impact communities. Kim is a deft strategic advisor who works diligently, and with good instinct, for the benefit of her clients and the industry.

Prior to this, Kim worked in a number of roles for a national cannabis company including, senior director of corporate social responsibility and director of diversity programs. Since 2017, Kim has served on the Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission’s Cannabis Advisory Board as Governor Charlie Baker’s appointed expert in minority business development. In this role, she helps the Cannabis Control Commission in the development and implementation of the state’s cannabis regulations and policy. She also served as the director of outreach for the successful 2016 campaign to legalize cannabis in Massachusetts. In addition, Kim is a member of the Cannabis Trade Federation’s Diversity Equity and Inclusion Task Force.

Kim holds a Bachelor of Science in Sociology from Suffolk University; College of Arts and Science, and a Juris Doctor from Suffolk University Law School. She is active in her local communities and has served as an appointed member of the Roxbury Strategic Masterplan Oversight Committee and as a member of the Sudbury Public School’s Superintendents Reopening Task Force. Kim is also an elected corporator for Middlesex Saving Bank in Massachusetts.

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