Episode 9: Moe Brown on perseverance, listening, and going from athlete to congressional nominee

In episode 9, Moe and Jeffrey discuss why listening is so important, his football career, working for the SC Department of Commerce, running for Congress, his new consulting firm, and much more…

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Process First website; Moe’s: Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn

PFC is a strategic business development, brand & culture enhancement, public relations & communications firm based out of Columbia and Fort Mill, SC. At PFC, Moe works with clients to build winning cultures through a team approach and achieve winning outcomes by establishing processes that identify, meet, and sustain winning objectives.

Moe is the former Democratic Nominee for South Carolina’s 5th Congressional District in 2020. Running as a first-time candidate, Moe won a historic Democratic Primary receiving the most votes in history.

Prior to his run, he worked for Dixon Hughes Goodman, LLP leading their Economic Development and Negotiated Incentives service offering. Also, he served as the Managing Director for Hill Impact, LLC, and Project Manager for the South Carolina Dept. of Commerce, at which he recruited over 5,000 jobs and nearly $1 billion of capital investment.

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