S2E4 (episode 14): Troy Dayton on drug policy and experiencing joy

In this episode, Troy and Jeffrey discuss drug policy reform, how to experience more joy and connection in life, and much more…

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I spent most of my adult life working to legalize drugs because I thought that the worst thing was to put someone in prison for what they put in their body. At some point I realized that living in mental, emotional, and spiritual prisons was way more widespread. And unlike actual prisons the keys to these prisons are in our hearts. So I set out to help people find the keys. I do this by “growing for the growth of all.” I’ve been thoroughly committed to my own growth since my dad first introduced me to Wayne Dyer tapes when I was 12. Later Burning Man, deep intentional psychedelic work, meditation, therapy, and counseling and coaching trainings kept bearing fruit as I began to hone the skills at helping others on their journey. I do this via online courses, in person group experiences, and 1-1 coaching. I”m currently feeling most alive helping entrepreneurs who have reached a certain level of success but who feel a bit trapped by it and are seriously contemplating leaving their companies to pursue other dreams but just don’t know where to begin.

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