S2E5 (episode 15): Sihyun Choi on investing with an ecosystem view toward impact

In this episode, Sihyun and Jeffrey discuss the state of impact and how to measure it, the role of innovation across for and not-for profits, and so much more.

Sihyun Choi leads two groups within Stand Together: (1) Stand Together Ventures Lab (STVL), the early-stage venture investment arm of the Stand Together Community that seeks out disruptive ideas in the market to drive exponential transformations in society and advance its mission; and (2) Stand Together Foundation (STF) to invest in leading social entrepreneurs working in local communities to break cycles of poverty.

Sihyun joins Stand Together Ventures Lab after 12 years of client service, most recently with Oliver Wyman, a leading international management consulting firm, and the Advisory Board Company. He has advised executives on their corporate strategy and new business ventures across the public sector, defense, commercial aerospace, national logistics, and healthcare sectors. Sihyun graduated from the University of Virginia with a B.S. in Commerce.

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