S2E8 (episode 18): Tabreez Verjee on mission driven tech

In this episode, Tabreez and Jeffrey discuss mission driven tech, the entrepreneurial journey, how people interact with money, and much more…

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Greetings everyone! I’m ethnically Indian with a family from east Africa and a Persian name. I grew up first in Brazil and then moved around various cities in the Midwest before settling in the San Francisco bay area before college at Berkeley.

I’ve always seen money and business as energy to create and serve a future where all beings can thrive and be fulfilled. I love having the backs of amazing humans who are master artisans and builders of this kind of future. In the last decade, I’ve become increasingly fascinated with the relationship between our inner world and what we manifest in the world around us.

Amongst many identities, I am also a three-time entrepreneur and technology start-up investor. We co-founded Uprising to invest in and radically support gifted technology entrepreneurs who see their companies as vehicles to serve the whole. I’m particularly drawn to heart centered, embodied teams with “goosebumpy” missions that not only address big problems and the systems that created them, but who also understand the significance of simultaneously transmuting the stories, culture, and consciousness from which those systems arise.

Some of the many real life superheroes we have backed include the teams behind Devoted Health, Long Term Stock Exchange (LTSE), Lyft, Calm, Braintrust, ClassDojo, Virta Health, Good Eggs, Landit, SV Academy, and Change.org.I was also lucky to be a founding board member and funder at Kiva.org where I served for 11 years. The Uprising Crew has also helped catalyze a number of other initiatives including breakthrough treatments for Autism and Type I Diabetes, the Palo Alto Longevity Prize, and funding for several ground breaking non-profits like Watsi.org and CareMessage.

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