S3E7 (episode 27): Veronica Wright on the Importance of Drug Legalization, Drug Policy Reform and More

In this episode of People are the Answer, Veronica Wright and Jeffrey M. Zucker discuss the importance of drug policy reform and legalization. Veronica dives into her career path, how she changed her mind on drugs, and why they should be legal. Other topics include balancing her 9-5 with her nonprofit work, and much more…

Veronica Wright is the founder of the National Coalition for Drug Legalization, a nonprofit (501 c 3) that supports drug legalization through research and community outreach. She is a blossoming community leader and change advocate for criminal justice reform. As a strong advocate for such issues as eliminating mandatory minimums, reducing prosecutorial overreach, obliteration of all elements contributing to the prison industrial complex, and bail reform, she works hard to build partnerships with organizations and people who share her desire for change.

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Veronica Wright

Twitter – https://twitter.com/VeronicaWright8

National Coalition for Drug Legalization (NCDL)

Website – https://www.nationalcoalitionfordrugl…

Donate – https://www.paypal.com/fundraiser/cha…

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