S3E8 (episode 28): Justin Kahn on Positive Change, the Importance of a Legal Defense Plan and More

In this episode of People Are the Answer, a podcast for positive change, Justin Kahn and Jeffrey M. Zucker discusses Justin’s career journey, growing up adjacent to the VA system, and the process of starting, and exiting, the telehealth company TruClinic. We dive deeper into his current endeavors in personal liability insurance, his cat that thinks she’s a human, and much more…

Justin is passionate about social entrepreneurship and the belief that a company can provide for the social good while still having an economically successful business…all while having some fun along the way. He views his work as the Co-Founder & CEO of Behavior Labs, Co-Founder & CEO of Reepher (cannabis DUI coverage for consumers), Founder/CEO of TruClinic, and his work with InTouch Health as opportunities to impact the world in a positive way by making insurance and healthcare more accessible and equitable.

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