S4E9 (episode 39): Jared Fishman on Fixing Inequalities in the Justice System

In this podcast episode on social justice, Jared and Jeffrey discuss fixing inequalities, racial disparities, a broken criminal justice system, criminal justice reform, his career journey through the middle east, law school, becoming a civil rights attorney, being in a dad garage band, and much more…

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Jared Fishman is the founder and executive director of Justice Innovation Lab, an organization that designs data-informed solutions for a more equitable and effective justice system. Justice Innovation Lab uses a collaborative approach to help justice system decision-makers identify and fix inequities in their jurisdictions.

Prior to founding Justice Innovation Lab, Jared served for 14 years as a prosecutor in the Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Division. He led some of the most complex civil rights prosecutions in the country, securing convictions in high-profile cases involving police misconduct, hate crimes and human trafficking. Jared received multiple awards from the Department of Justice for distinguished service, including the Civil Rights Division’s highest award for excellence in legal advocacy.

Over the last decade, Jared has handled some of the country’s most significant prosecutions of police misconduct. He was the lead federal attorney prosecuting a North Charleston, South Carolina, police officer for fatally shooting Walter Scott in the back, though Scott, an African-American, was unarmed and posed no threat. Jared and his team secured a conviction in the federal case, a rare example of a police officer being held accountable in a police shooting.

Jared regularly speaks on issues of data-driven justice reform, police accountability, hate crimes, and human trafficking, and has trained international and local police, prosecutors, and judges on best practices in these areas. He serves as adjunct faculty at the George Washington University Law School and Georgetown University. His work and analysis have been featured on CNN, CBS, CBC, and in the New York Times and the Washington Post.

Jared earned his law degree from the George Washington University Law School, and his bachelor’s degree from the University of Pennsylvania. He began his career at the U.S. State Department, where he worked to rebuild legal systems in post-war Kosovo. He also served as a line prosecutor at the Washington, DC, US Attorney’s Office, where he handled domestic violence and sex crimes cases.

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