S5E02 (episode 42): Laura Patrick on Improving the Community via Business and Philanthropy

In this motivational podcast, Laura and Jeffrey discuss improving the community through business and philanthropy, her life and career journey, how overcoming great loss can be put to great use, her various business and media endeavors, volunteering and fundraising experience, and much more. 

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Laura Patrick is an attorney, entrepreneur, and marketing specialist who has held a life-long interest in the arts, journalism, and hospitality. A native of Charleston, SC, Laura grew up surrounded by her family’s conservation efforts and contributions to the local art scene, where she built a passion for philanthropy, the local art scene and supporting creative endeavors. After receiving a degree in Mass Media and Marketing from College of Charleston, Laura graduated from University of San Diego School of Law with a concentration in Intellectual Property. No matter what project she’s involved in, she maintains a passion for facilitating artists and business owners in creating, growing and protecting their rights. Today, Laura is Co-Owner and the Chief Marketing Officer of Bay Street Biergarten and an Operating Partner of Patrick Properties Hospitality Group. Outside of working with PPHG, Bay Street Biergarten, and 4Corners Productions, Laura enjoys spending time with her two children and binging true crime – but not at the same time.

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Recording date: 11/2/22

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