S5E7 (47): Lydiah Kemunto Bosire on the importance of African youth to our future

Host: Jeffrey M. Zucker

Producer: Kait Grey

Editor: Nick Case

In this episode, Lydiah and Jeffrey discuss Lydiah’s journey through her life and career, starting 8B, and why this cause is so important to the future of our world.

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Recording date: 2/6/23











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Dr. Lydiah Kemunto Bosire is the Founder and CEO of 8B Education Investments, a VC-backed technology company with a mission to enable African brilliance to have a global impact. 8B has built the first end-to-end platform that enables African students to identify best-fit global universities and level up their applications, access affordable financing, and connect with career support for job placement, thereby providing colleges, universities and employers access to the world’s fastest-growing talent pool. 8B was recently featured on CNN International announcing Tariq “Black Thought” Trotter joining the Board. 8B also made a commitment at the 2022 Clinton Global Initiative for a $30m partnership with Nelnet Bank, a subsidiary of publicly-traded Nelnet, Inc., in a first lending partnership of its kind with a US bank. Born and raised in Kenya, Lydiah brings personal experience to the field of innovative finance, along with two decades of working on issues of international politics, development, and human rights, including at the United Nations, the World Bank, and leading global NGOs. Lydiah completed a doctorate in politics at the University of Oxford. She holds additional degrees from Cornell University.

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